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Ski School



Certification Level (Date)

Bill Haussmann

Alpine Skiing


Level 2 (2000)

Level 1 (1998)

Level 1 – AASI – Freestyle Accreditation (2011)

Chuck Binzel


Level 2 (2016)

Level 1   Freestyle Specialist  (2012)

Level 1   Children Specialist  (2014)

Bob Kimicata

Alpine Skiing

Level 1 (2002)

Jean Bagel

Alpine Skiing

Level 1 (2003)

Ed Fee

Alpine Skiing

Level 1 (2015)

Jim Malinowski

Alpine Skiing

Level 1 (2015)

Ski School Lesson Procedures

Follow these steps for you or your child are interested in taking free lessons on any Ibex trip, 

  • Sign up with the trip leader for your trip. 
  • Determine the lesson type: Ski or Snowboard
  • Determine what level of lesson you need.
  • If you are signing up a minor (under age 21), complete a waiver for the minor 


There will be at least one lesson for every three “trip” days of the trip.  For example, a four day trip will have at least one lesson.  A week long trip will have two lessons. If a member is signing up for only one lesson on a trip with more than one lesson scheduled, it must be the first lesson as subsequent lessons build on the previous lessons.  and are based on the skills of the particular class participants. 

Group vs. Private Lessons

All lessons are considered group lessons to benefit the entire membership.  Arrangements CAN be made for private lessons which are outside the scope of this policy.  Contact the instructor of your choice to make arrangements.

Governing Agencies