Vaccination Card Submission

How Submit Your Proof of Vaccination to Ibex

To participate in an Ibex trip in the year 2022 you are required to submit a proof of COVID19 vaccination.

Thanks for your efforts toward make our trips safer for all!

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Using either a scanner or your smart phone, capture an image of your vaccination card and save it.  
  • Log in to your member account. 
  • Click in the PROFILE tab
  • Scroll down to just below the Member Profile Box to the Vaccination Verification box.
  • Select the BROWSE button. 
  • Navigate to the location/folder where you have saved your image, and select it.
  • Privacy Settings: You must UNCHECK the “Do not list in Directory” option for the Vaccination Card upload feature to work.  See the example below.
  • To complete the upload, scroll to the bottom of the page (just above the lost password instructions) and select the blue button: Save and Continue.

Illlustrated Instructions

Select the PROFILE tab and scroll down to Vaccination Verification

If it Vaccination Verification does not appear above the Profile Gallery option, scroll to Privacy Settings and uncheck “Do not list in directory” as shown in the second illustration.  Fear not, your Vacillation Card will remain private UNLESS you upload it your Profile Gallery.

Vacc Screenshot 1

Scroll down on the Profile tab to find…

Privacy Settings & Save

Vacc Card top


The information submitted for Proof of Vaccination is only for internal use and will not be shared with any third parties.  It is only viewable by Ibex system administrators: IF you carefully follow these instructions.

Use the Correct Option

To protect your privacy, do NOT upload your Vaccination image using the PROFILE GALLERY option.  If you do, that image will appear on your member profile and will not be private. 

Instead use the VACCINATION VERIFICATION option as instructed here.   This option was created to protect your privacy. 

Section II-G contains the Covid 19 requirements in detail. 

File Too Large Error

If you receive this error, you’re sending a high resolution image with a file size that is too large for the system to accept. 

Here are two workarounds for IPhone users. 

  • Select the image and email it to yourself via the photo gallery on your phone. Upon pressing SEND, you will have the option to send a smaller file size.  Then email the image file to yourself and upload the new smaller file instead. 
  • If you have background around your card, use your phone’s edit option to crop out the background. Save the edit.  Then upload the smaller file using the instructions.
Adobe SCAN App:  Option for All Smart Phone Users.
  • Get the Adobe Scan App for either Apple or Google. 
  • Follow these instructions to capture the card image in PDF format
  • Upload the PDF file for your card to your member profile using the instructions above.