Extension To The Meribel France Ski Trip 

Malta Extension

February 4 - 8, 2023

7000 years of history and culture!

Home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites – the cultural capital city of Valletta, the jaw-dropping Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum, and seven magnificent Megalithic Temples

Also, visit museums, temples and archeological sites, forts, towers, and other historical sites

And the food! Maltese cuisine is a treat to the palate, and it can easily be described as a delightful celebration of Mediterranean flavors with a tasty chunk of history thrown in

  • Maltese cuisine is heavily influenced by Italy, particularly Sicily, but with a dash of Arab/North Africa and a hefty pinch of Malta’s own
  • Starters tend to be soups, pasta, risotto, antipasti or dips with bread or biscuits, while mains include pasta and potato bakes at home, but eating out is generally meat or fish

Waterfront Hotel (4*) – double occupancy

40 spots

Air Travel

  • Air (subject to change at airlines’ discretion):
  • Feb. 4: Malta Air (KM) – Milan to Malta (nonstop), depart 3:15 pm
  • Feb 8: Malta Air (KM)/Lufthansa – Malta to ORD (via Rome and Frankfurt) – depart 7:50 am; arrive ORD at 7:05 pm
  • Round Trip transfers from airport
  • Breakfast daily

Price: $599

Deposit: $100

December 1 Status Update: Wait List

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The average temperature in February is 55⁰


Sliema, Malta

On the water’s edge, The Waterfront Hotel has a Mediterranean interior style with a sleek and modern design full of Maltese islandish character


  • Double-occupancy rooms
  • Daily breakfast
  • Transfers from/to airport

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February 4 - 8, 2023
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